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Hyperforma is a dynamic fast paced arcade set in a stylish cyberpunk setting. Get ready for 10 epic bosses and more than 100 unique levels connected by an exciting story that extends the genre.

Explore the Ancient Network and undercover the secrets of the lost civilization.


  • Unique gameplay based on classic arcanoid mechanic;
  • Original visual style;
  • 10 chapters with changing gameplay;
  • Bossfights in the end of each chapter are the second game mechanic;
  • Each chapter has its own evolving soundtrack.
  • An interesting sci-fi story behind it all.

The World of Hyperforma

We pay great attention to narrative and description of the world because we want to tell an exciting story of confrontation between human and artificial intelligence. That's especially actual now when AI technologies are developed and discussed a lot.
The action takes place in far future. There was a developed civilization that for some reason disappeared and left huge empty cities and Cyberspace. But the humanity didn't extinct completely. And new civilization slowly raise from previously undeveloped regions.
Our Hero is one of the few who visit abandoned cities, enters the Cyberspace and explores it looking for valuable information. One day he receives the message begging for help and decides to investigate it.
On the way, the Hero encounters the titanic inhabitants of the empty Cyberspace. They can be enemies or friends. Enemies must be hacked using the ancient art of Code and Request.
In the course of the story, the Hero reveals the mystery of the fall of the past civilization and raises questions related to the danger of artificial intelligence, responsibility to the person, society and species, and also to what life and consciousness are.

Release info

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Russian; Chinese; Japanese; English; French; German; Spanish; Italian
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Lukas Bright
3 years ago
Working on cyberpunk arcade — HYPERFORMA
Angel BeachWow, this looks so amazing! I can only imagine how much work must've gone into this game. :-D
Thank you! We are trying to create a memorable sci-fi story with a unique gameplay and cool sound. If you want to get noticed when the game is released — submit your e-mail on our website
Angel Beach
3 years ago
Wow, this looks so amazing! I can only imagine how much work must've gone into this game. :-D