Hyper Slasher
Updated 2 years ago
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Linux; Mac; Windows
Become a melee master as you gloat on the corpses of friend and foe. Hack, slash and dash your way around a deadly arena online. Choose a character - each with a specialized melee weapon, and get slicing and dicing your friends into bloody pixelized bits today!

The Glitch Lord has captured our heroes and held them captive in a hellish world in the theme of a 1980’s synth combat arena. You must fight for your survival or you will be shredded into 8-bit guts. Taunt your foes with distraction and acrobatic feats before falling from the sky to deliver swift death.
Game Features:
  • Select one of five characters each with their own style, and trash talking personality
  • Taunt, teabag, and spit oral insults at your friends and foes
  • Jump and climb anywhere around the arena
  • Paint the entire arena with your competitor's blood and guts
  • Play online anytime, even if your friends are offline with full multiplayer functionality
  • Play offline anytime with the ability to hone your skills against ai bots
  • Slay the weak when you prevail, losers at the end of a match get disarmed and nerfed like lambs to the slaughter allowing the winner to kill at ease
  • Awesome 80’s Synthwave Original Soundtrack created just for the game
  • Block your foes directional attacks on the ground, walls and in the sky but be warned they can only take one major hit before needing a quick recharge
Daggra: She's as cool as a polar bear in a blizzard
Toxic Claw: This dude has total attitude and plans on getting you salty
Shinogi: Meditation and honor will bring this warrior victory
Mage: She is flirty and fun manipulating and distracting opponents
Zukuri: Aggression and strength is her key to domination
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Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows