Hungry Animals
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Timkiller for any age!

Welcome to Hungry Animals! Funny animals are already waiting for your help in collecting food, this timecyler will interest you for a long time!

Change animals, wear to your taste, choose the time of year when the actions will take place!

● Pleasant graphics!
● Choose an animal you love - you can feed everyone!
● Enter your favorite time of year - it's possible!
● Dress the animals to your liking - hats, shirts, gloves, boots!
● Invite friends and compete - who will be able to collect more food?
● The animals are always welcome!

Hungry Animals is a free game, but some game elements can also be bought for real money.
There will soon be a small article, with a completed project, than just a project.

In the yard was 2012, the idea came to my mind to do something simple on Unity, with simple graphics, not 3D, but 2D.
3D I decided not to consider for several reasons:
1) At that time, I had no idea how to normally optimize 3D, I also needed to see normal work on my Android 2.3.
2) I'm not very into 3D modeling, so I did not want to sit and study tons of literature and hundreds of gigabytes of videos.
3) The game itself should be easy to handle and understand, and I do not really want to load it with some models.

Better than 2D for me and can not be. Well, I started to think about what I can do in 2D, what people want to play?
I sat for a couple of days on the Internet, I looked through websites, articles, etc. and in every game, probably as many, found some flaws. I think everyone, at least once it was like that, you sit, play the game, and "it seems" that the game is missing something. The banal situation, the emergence of what it was, but at some point it comes - the realization that everyone does not please, there will always be someone who does not like the game at all. Accordingly, I decided to first choose the audience that will play. The audience became people of presumed age from 6 to 12 and above.

But what about the game? My audience was, you can count kids, the game should be in 2D, I can program and do not know how to draw. The situation from one angle is awful - to search for an artist, to advertise, and I do not have money for an artist, and finding a person ready to work "for an idea" is very difficult, as it turned out. From a different angle, if the game with "simple" graphics, it is not necessary to show off (I thought so), and decided to do it on my own.

But here we needed an approach to drawing. I decided to take the unpretentious game Flappy Bird as the basis. The one that was deleted by the developer from Google Play. In it everything is simple, but I wanted to draw a pixel art, and I decided that I would draw a "less pixel" version.

My first creativity was a blue rabbit. I do not know why blue, then it seemed normal.  Then I had a tree, a cloud, a sun, a stone, a hill and the earth along which our beast will move.

It remains to draw more buttons and everything, drawing is completed.
There arose a problem that Unity was not standard, absolutely nothing that would make it easier for me to live in a location on different screens while preserving the size, and why:
1) Unity has only recently appeared such a thing as UI, it was terribly crooked and I did not want to understand it.
2) There was a plugin NGUI, which simplified the life of each developer, but it cost money, and I did not have money, and I did not want to buy the plug-in at once. in Unity there is a badly working prototype UI, will finish. To search for a pirate plug-in also did not have a desire, I like it when everything is licensed and official.
3) There was only a GUI, it stopped.
Because drawing GUI in Unity is done per-pixelly, it was necessary to find a site or article with the sizes of screens, in this I helped one article on the habr, where the popular screen sizes that are used on devices were indicated. A couple of hours of shamanism and tests, ready. Buttons with GUI save their size.

Porisovashki mine were (as I now see it) terrible, as if the child was painting the whole thing, but it looked like this:
[IMG] [/ IMG]
Here a screenshot of the game menu and you can safely say on it that he was not drawing a specialist.

Well, I thought, I did some of the work, I would have to think about what will happen, consider the game process. There was no desire to do it like Flappy Bird, but I wanted something simple, and to my mind, nothing was easier than catching food from the sky, it did not come. So I did, now I had my blue rabbit, which catches a carrot falling from the sky. Excellent. But we need to add some version of the loss. I did not want to do my life, but the option, something will fall on my head, I was quite satisfied. At that and stopped, drew a stone more like an anvil, and added it as a dangerous object. I think it's cool, but how will the beast move? The idea crept into my head that the movement along the arrows would be a wonderful thought, I estimated the arrows at the edges of the screen, and realized a simple system in which the player presses to the left, the beast moves to the left, presses to the right, the beast also to the right. Well, I think everything is ready. It looked like this:
[IMG] [/ IMG]
Oh, these arrows.

I gave classmates for the test. I immediately heard a lot of indignation, which is too slow. Did it faster - too fast.
Yes you do not please! I thought, but the problem had to be solved. And he decided that let the player move it with his finger. Presses on the beast, and the beast moves behind the finger, it is said - done.
He gave for the test, everyone liked it, and I was happy that everyone liked it. In general, when someone likes your product, it inspires, I think so for everyone.

There was an animation. Oak animals did not suit me at all, and I had to do something about it. In the frame-by-frame animation, I'm no, in this connection, I decided that the animals would be broken into spare parts, and I dismantled the blue rabbit. Ears separately, head separately, arms, legs, eyes, all separately. Benefit in Unity is such a thing as an animator. In it, and made an animation for each object. I put everything together, and it's ready. 

On that would have ended, but I was not a single rabbit, and the player is not very, probably, interesting to play for the same creature. I drew another squirrel and a hedgehog. It seems complete. So I finished, and the animals could be chosen like this:
[img] [/ img]
We press on the icon, for example a rabbit, we play for a rabbit, etc. An interesting system, is not it?

And what is the result? We have 3 beasts, falling objects, a set of points that are saved in PlayerPrefs. I spent about a week developing "From idea to release". Threw one message on a couple of forums. That's all the advertising.

Questions about investors and sponsors in this game, I think generally fall away, tk. I doubted that in general someone would want to invest in such games, and did not accordingly "throw the fishing rod."

In the courtyard of the year 2017, work - cares, 3 years of time for something was not, and I decided that I would have to remake my old project with the beasts. Because a lot of time passed, I approached the evaluation of my brainchild on the other side. The Hungry Animals 500+ downloads, wow! The game had a terrible schedule, the items fell terribly fast, the unthinkable 50/50 rand made itself felt, the player did not even understand what to collect, and why everything was accelerated, he lost almost immediately, but in order that it could be like To play, it was necessary to adapt, but not everyone wants.

I did not like all this, my child obviously stopped loving me. It was necessary to do something.
Since I acquired Photoshop, and had some skill in it, all the redraws became much easier. I proceeded to redraw the animals, the blue rabbit became gray, the hedgehog and squirrel became more attractive, and added a couple of rabbits, squirrels and hedgehogs. Repainted the landscape, now I look and see that the graphics have become more enjoyable. There are now some variety, it became more interesting. It now looks like this:
[img] [/ img]
Moved to the game itself, added mini training, so that the player knew what to do at all, because the inscription "Click to Start" did not carry any understanding at all, but it looked like this:
[img] [/ img]
It's unclear, right?

Now I have a mini course to play, everything is quite understandable. We press on the beast and drag it to the left to the right.

Next - the process of falling objects. I introduced a timer, about which the frequency of falling objects increased, added 4 dangerous objects, a variety so to speak, which should not be caught.
Up to 30 seconds of play, the player must now understand that it is necessary to catch carrots, acorns, mushrooms, etc. and the chances of falling out of "garbage" before this time are cut to a minimum.
Accordingly, a dependence appeared that the more time, the more garbage objects.
Next - the speed of the fall, I also made a dependence on the time spent in the game, eventually the objects began to fall faster and faster. The maximum speed is, of course, limited. Now everything has become more understandable and much more interesting. Also, for the collection of food, I introduced the receipt of coins. We collect, for example carrots, we get coins. He broke the previous record, poured more coins. And coins can be spent on the acquisition of animals.

It was not enough for me to simply purchase animals. I decided to introduce the acquisition of things so that I could dress my little animal in clothes and enjoy my creativity. I drew a lot of things, now you can buy for the same coins and things.

Further, if there is a player who wants everything and immediately I decided to enter into the game in-game purchases. I did not do such things ever, and was not a little puzzled, because I remember, back in 2012, it was necessary to install external plug-ins. I decided to dig for the beginning in Unity itself, I was pleasantly surprised that there was such a thing as Services. Services perfectly so simplify the life of the developer. Connect Purshase. Remained platitudinous, siphon SDK Manager, JDK set it all and enjoy life. But here there were problems, which I tried to solve for 5 days.

It all started with the SDK Manager. After downloading Android Studio - I remember it in it, again in 2012, was released SDK Manager, which was in the folder with Eclipse, but I did not find it after an hour of digging into folders. I started digging the Internet. Again, I did not find anything worthwhile. I decided to go into Android Studio. It can not be that he worked without a manager. Dug it, did not find anything.
However, I dug everywhere except the settings, and after all there is the most intimate. And here it is, a miracle! I found the SDK Manager, which is built into the studio itself. Put on the download packages for my old Android 2.3 and even more to work with Google. I left the JDK unloading, I go to the Java site, Download links provided by Unity myself, I did not have to go far and dig. I downloaded Java SE 9.0.1. Put it on the installation, he went to unload the NDK. Pumped out.

Assigned folders with SDK, JDK, NDK - I think everything is fine. I go to Build, and I find horror flying on the wings of the night (Not a black raincoat, I assure you).
The minimum version for building Android 4.1, the curtain, on my phone the game just will not go. Okay, I think that's not a problem, we'll find Android 4.1. Put it on the assembly. And mistakes were made ...
The Target device error caused me to download more versions of Android right up to the very last.
Then went the most terrible mistake, which was corrected to the banality easily. The error was related to the JDK. You see, my Unity 2017.1.0f3 and Java did not agree on updates. And the version of JDK that I downloaded was not suitable for correct work. I went to dig the Internet, it was good for naryl, fortunately. In some article it was pointed out that Java SE 9.0.1 is not sharpened under Unity which I have. I defused the Java SE 8u151 / 8u152. The previous errors have disappeared, but new ones appeared, which indicated that this Java path does not see up to the house, i.e. not specified JAVA_HOME, I fixed this problem manually by adding variables pointing to the house directly in the system variables of the environment.
And hurray all earned!
My build was assembled, and I left to test my revised project for friends and acquaintances.

After hearing: "Oh, so much better! Fall not so, as if from a gun shoot. And the instruction "how to play" is understandable. " I was happy. And for the "competitive" mode, I decided to also add Google services.

Google services took to connect the account, track the players' rankings, open achievements, I decided that this is the best option for me, given that I do not have any money and the desire to purchase my own server. But here there was a problem for a couple of hours, which was solved by downloading the correct version of the Google plug-in. I benefitted from this version of GooglePlayGamesPlugin-0.9.42.
Further, since I also did not connect any services, I had to dig into the documentation of GoogleSevice. Everything was settled pretty quickly. I entered the rating of players, added 17 achievements, left to test. Tests pleased, everything works well, players see each other and everything connects.

At this the processing of the entire project from top to bottom was completed. Processing took me about 2 .5 weeks. And most of the time took the drawing process. I like my product. I like that my friends and acquaintances play this game. It's inspiring.
Again, here are the questions about investors and sponsors in this game, I again doubt that anyone will want to invest money in such a game and I'm afraid of "throwing fishing rods", and I do not know where.

In the final, everything looks like this:
[img] [/ img]
Choosing animals!

[img] [/ img]
The game process, more than 300 mushrooms collected!

[img] [/ img]
Losing, but we broke our record!

Finally, do not hesitate to show your creativity, no one will scold you and bite you, the maximum that bad things can happen is to hear angry criticism from someone who, most likely, can not do it or from an envious person. The main thing is that you yourself liked your business, and not that it was liked only by a neighbor from the 3rd floor, by the fact that he thinks it's better.

Well, the link to the game :)

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Good luck all! :)