Humble Abodes
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Humble Abodes is a creative interior design application that enables you to fully decorate and customize your home to scale. Users are able to try different furniture configurations without the heavy lifting, transportation, or worry of unfulfilled design aspirations. Utilizing the HTC Vive, Humble Abodes gives users the freedom to create the home of their dreams. Before beginning, there are a few control features we would like the user to be aware about. In order to move around the house, simply click and point the track pad button in the location you would like to be. Anything mounted on the walls with the exception of the refrigerator cannot be moved. Point the track controller towards the item you wish to pick up, click the track control, and hold the side button simultaneously to carry and hold items. In order to add items into the room, click the track controller and bottom button towards the picture of the item you wish to add. Lastly, to delete items from your home, pick up the item and throw it over the side of the house without letting go of the track control. We hope you have a wonderful experience. VR pleased to serve you.
Excel Ortega
Vice President, Video Game Development Club - Student