Humanoid Editor
This extension was made for a previous project and is now available on Unity's Asset Store.
Use this editor extension to edit and save unique versions of any of your humanoid characters. Developed for in-house use but now available to the public. Make fun-size anime style characters or giant behemoths. A super fast workflow allows you to quickly customize features such as height, head size, eye size, thigh thickness, arm length, hands and feet size.
Polybay Corp.
Team - Designer
Ben V.
9 months ago
Hi, I'm just looking for clarification in the product description where you write, "Insert blendshape meshes to very easily change morph target values of your character". Do you mean blendshapes that already exist in the skinned mesh renderer that you are editing or that you can add blendshapes from another similar skinned mesh renderer? And if you can add blendshapes from another skinned mesh renderer are there limitations such as point order and/or they have to have the same number of joints?