Human Light
Human Light, An action adventure gaming project to be made and developed in Unity(in progress)
Human Light - A mobile based action adventure game. Developing and making in Unity 3D Human Light is a third-person action adventure arcade game where the Player is a human(man/woman/boy/girl) who was born to discover that evil has come to life and he/she can see it and evil has terrible intentions for humankind. Evil tries to mislead him/her into a path that will lead to eternal damnation in this world and the Next. Now the Player must combat this evil (invisible others except him/her) enemy to win and save himself/herself from choosing the wrong path. This combat relies on the Player’s faith in selecting the right action. He/ She cannot lose hope and once faith is inducted in their heart/soul, it becomes Human Light. They may accrue points by utilizing a special remote-control weapon to attack the Evil in three different ways (Flash laser, Lightning laser, Shooting Star-Bomb). Using points accrued through the various attacks, the Player may also develop Allies. The Allies will help the Player stay clear of Evil and its inclinations for the Player to keep his Faith. Ultimate victory lies in the Player keeping his Faith till the end of the game.
Nafis Iskander
Mobile 3D C# Game Developer - Other