HUD Design | Strategizer: Art of Defense | 2013
Published 5 months ago
Quick post from the archives
I've been spending a fair bit of time recently completely reworking my website at I'll be dropping another article here once the new site goes live, but in the meantime thought it maybe worthwhile dropping a few snippets here on a few projects I'll be featuring there. Note: Strategizer was a freelance commission from 2013, and unfortunately I believe the project has now been shelved.

Mission Brief

White Titan Games had been successful in attaining a crowdfunding goal through their Kickstarter campaign.
One of the things they were looking to improve upon was their games HUD design. I was commissioned to take their existing UX and completely redesign the games HUD.

HUD Callout

Their existing HUD was a very traditional strategy game layout. It used a skeuomorphic style that felt very militaristic but I felt it was missing a few elements that missed the futuristic sci-fi setting.
With the new HUD I wanted it to feel a bit more like an actual HUD, almost as if the battlefield was being played out through a drone camera. I had also been impressed by the games environments and felt a modular approach would be more fitting allowing for elements of the HUD to only show when required, and would help draw attention to game events. I also wanted to try and to keep a line of symmetry in the design, not only would it help strengthen the idea of a drone style HUD but I thought that it would also give a more even view of the battlefield. For styling I wanted to mix metallic details and holographic displays keeping the the transparent elements towards the centre of the screen.
Another idea from this was that the holographic displays could be tinted to neutral tones (& blend into the environment), or highlighted at if needed during gameplay events.
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