HP - Simulation For Schools (Hoover dam)
HP wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of VR and how VR can assist in experiencing lesson material instead of just reading it. Straight from a textbook about "geography", we pulled out a chapter about "water basin management" and picked out the Hoover dam (Nevada USA) as impressive example to demonstrate this. The idea to do this is creating 6 location spots that the student can go to by teleportation. These locations represent all ins and outs of the Hoover Dam exterior. Each location has their own points of interest. These points of interest are extracted from the original book and give students all the information that is needed to complete the quiz at the end of the game. The student will start by reading the instructions for the game presented as a dialog in a black environment to avoid possible distractions. After the student has closed both instruction dialogs, he/she will start on the Dam's rear roadside. This location is the fixed starting point for each game session. As soon as the environment becomes visible, a timer will start counting down from 5 minutes. In these 5 minutes, the student must visit as much points of interest in order to learn as much as possible. When the timer finishes, or the student manually selects the quiz button inside the robot tour guide menu, A quiz will start. The 3 questions in the quiz will be based upon 2 random points of interests that are visited by the student and 1 completely random question. After completing the quiz, the student will receive a short report on the number of questions right and their total score and can now restart the session again for the next user or play again. One of the extras to make the game unforgettable is a parachute jump off the dam, triggered by grabbing your parachute on the edge of the lookout located at the front road side of the dam. The user can also switch between day and night at any time and location. Showing the dam at nighttime will provide an extra effect by all the spotlights directed at it.
Manu Hanssen
Lead developer - Programmer
Yannick Stoot
Freelance Digital Artist - Artist
3D modeller
Roland Kruijtzer
ing. - Manager
Project manager