How to master micro conversions in SEO and PPC?
Published 2 months ago
micro conversions in SEO and PPC
There is no doubt that digital marketing specialists around the world love conversions. Online shopping, contact forms, phone calls: you name it, we want ‘em.
But sometimes we become so infatuated with the conversions that we begin to lose sight of the big picture. Of course, we are constantly measuring traffic and a handful of other KPIs, but these are only make up a piece of the whole pie.

What are micro conversions?

According to Google, micro conversions is a set of actions, and an activities that provides a strong indication that a user is progressing towards a valuable action on your website.
Take, for example, an e-commerce website. Before a user actually purchases a product, they must first search for a specific item, then visit a product page, then click on "Add to cart" and finally go through the payment process.
Before users complete the great conversion, in this case, the final purchase, they often first complete a series of smaller conversions.

Some examples of micro conversions include:

  • Key pageviews
  • Button clicks
  • Email signups
  • PDF downloads
  • Account creations
Google Analytics also facilitates the tracking of certain participation metrics on the site, that is, the duration of the session and the pages per visit, as well as micro conversions. These usage goals allow you to better understand the quality of your visitors, even if macro conversions are few and far between.
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Advantages of micro conversions

Knowledge is power and so is data. Micro Conversions paint a more complete picture of the people who visit your website.
Imagine you have a website that sells retail clothing and your main conversion is a sale. Its conversion rate (macro) is 4%, which means that 1 in 25 visitors buys something. All this is fine, but don't you want to know what happened to the other 24 visitors?
Micro Conversions can help fill these gaps. Coincidentally, the better you know your user, the easier it will be to get bigger and better macro conversions. Ultimately, micro conversions tell a powerful story about their users.
Micro conversions also recognize areas where potential customers are falling.
Where in the funnel do users bounce or get stuck? Once these problem points have been identified, it is much easier to find possible solutions.
Conversely, micro conversions give companies a better idea of ​​what interests users most. Certain pages or areas of a site can generate more micro conversions than others. Where are the highest micro conversion rates? Often, these pages show the greatest conversion potential
Similarly, micro conversions can positively inform and influence conversion rate optimization strategies. Did the registration button in the header or footer generate more emails? Micro Conversions contain the answer to this question. Once we have identified the winners, we can focus our efforts on the elements of the site that will produce the greatest impact. Tracking micro conversions can demonstrate the success of CRO strategies while facilitating the search for low-cost fruit.
Finally, micro conversions can be used to improve PPC and SEO strategies. Are you trying to optimize a PPC account with little or no conversion? Set up micro conversions and use them to optimize your campaigns.To get started, simply import your Analytics goals to AdWords. After all, micro conversions provide powerful and versatile information and should not be ignored.

Tracking micro conversions

How is micro conversion tracking? Fortunately, Google Analytics makes it easy.
  • Go to the Administrator tab
  • select goal
  • then click on the button "New goal".
  • Under "goal settings"alternate "Custom" and press "Continue."
This is where things get exciting! enter the name of your micro conversion, In "goal description",. In "Type", select the type of target you want to track.
The first three types of goals are self-explanatory and are the easiest to configure. The goals of the event are a bit more complicated, but don't worry. Instead, join PPC training in Chandigarh for a step-by-step guide on how to successfully implement the event's goals on your site.
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