How to Create and Sell Unity Assets? 📚 Book for Asset Store Publisher
Meet a book about Asset Publishing: How to Create and Sell Unity Assets?
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This book is about 3 years of experience, mistakes and success, nuances of business and helping people in solving their tasks. It's a product that I'm really proud of.
I have studied all the materials that I could find about Unity Asset Store on the Web in English and Russian (really, guys, every blue link and my personal interviews with other publishers), but this is not enough to understand the overall picture.
That's why, I decided to write a Book, which answers all critical questions.
For Unity Publishers. By Unity Publisher.
In this book, I've systemized the accumulated knowledge and experience concerning the business in Unity Asset Store.
Today you can get my book, and also some cool bonuses.
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Andrey Sirota
Asset Store Publisher | Unity Developer - Owner
Andrey Sirota
2 months ago
Asset Store Publisher | Unity Developer - Owner
☄️ 1.5: GUID Regenerator (New Bonus) + GUID Regenerator (for assets in specific folder). ☄️ 1.4: Useful Links + “Useful Links” chapter. ☄️ 1.3: Checklist: How to create Unity Asset? (Bonus) + Detailed step-by-step list of actions to publish your product in the Unity Asset Store. ☄️ 1.2: Improved Design + Numbered Headings; + Captions for Pictures; + Info: Support & Copyright; + Book Cover. ☄️ 1.1: Publisher Tools (Bonus) + Publisher Window | Welcome Screen; + Publisher Component | Custom Editor.
Andrey Sirota
3 months ago
Asset Store Publisher | Unity Developer - Owner
PavelWell done! Good luck!
Thank you, Pavel! :)
3 months ago
Cosmos3D - Educator
Well done! Good luck!