How does the Data Management Team work in Twitch
Published 6 months ago
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Secrets of twitch
Any day of the journey can go up to two million viewers with 250,000 broadcasts. Beginning in 2007, Justin TV, a stream of TV for "stream anything", but it proved to be the most popular content on the page, leading to video game streaming.

The grass has a large number of people. Esports Professional compete with them in live matches, compete in speed positions, and play a poor target-fun for the people. When "Twilight" was added to "food and creativity", creative exchanges were taken for interest.

Enable images on screen

These important decisions - to create a new audience, engage in a particular audience - reported by the behavior of TV users. While touch panel data science helps make decisions about the product - large and small user data is the first place they change.

Harry True, director of the science group Tvich, said: "Broadcasters are heart and twee souls", so we understand that each channel is different and in its own way. It is based on our analysis. "

She did not laugh. When I recently talked with Data Science in Twicht, we are able to understand how the research groups are planning to expand their new processes for the rental team and how this user-centered approach can be understood.

Roll Data Science Group

The switch science team drew in the front row and is far off.

Read how to read True and his team:
New information on the team of scientists
They need time to run
The structure of the Scientific Committee
Balanced quality research
Define the best practices combined with other teams
Encourage the value of science in the organization
New data scientists contact and operate

A brief environment is very large. How important is the new scientists who know everything?

What is one of the key issues we talk about as you know how much knowledge do you have in data scientists? If you work in an insurance company, do you expect your insurer's insurance company's illness and illusions? Maybe not. You say: "They can teach him."

Perfection is generally a common answer. If you dig up and find your hands dirty and product you need it. It does not have to be video games. You can enjoy technology, you can enjoy creative features, you can enjoy the conversation. You can hang out online. You need to find something.

We encourage new members of our team to take the time to really know what's happening in the splices community, maybe some of them will participate in the community. There is a screen to broadcast various channels throughout the office. Broadcasters have many opportunities to meet.

We have a DVD record, a great conference for fans, broadcasters and employees to talk together. This is a good experience for newcomers to get some social experience.

How do you feel about the leadership of scientists How is this time?

When thinking about the hierarchy of the paths, we can spend time, the head always goes over. If you can become a multi-faceted with your co-workers - always good - if you can learn to do something nice. Because you can help other people to do their job quickly and effectively.

We search for the people who take the lead power and the wishes, which is an attempt to make a serious effort. We have a group system around it.

For instance, we have a weekly review meeting where the "slog" is set back for this week and the full science group of people are present. They say, "This is what I'm working on, here I can use notes, I'm trapped here." These wonderful opportunities are for people to talk about specific issues and to develop expertise and advice to create less interesting groups.

Creation and Production of an Information Group
A tweet group meeting for scientific data

How does the science team intend How does the team match the company?

We are historically only data scientists, but we are in a different state. We need to support the scientific pillars of three pillars: data research, user research and data management.

Data scientists usually produce their work from a particular area of ​​the company - for example, working closely with a product group. In tweets, these teams are in the customer segment. Visitors and community
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