Hover car
This is a video I made for a game I worked on. I'm not sure if I can show the complete game so I made a quick demo to showcase the basics.
This is a VR multiplayer game and uses a Logitech wheel but for faster development I programmed to use the keyboard if no wheel is recognized. Also the CameraRig contains an EditorOnly Camera which renders to Display2 so I could play the game without the VR headset.
I currently don't have a VR headset so for this demo I used a standard camera as a child of the car.
The car uses a PI Controller to levitate a certain distance from the ground, I noticed while making this that sharp edges are not friendly to the car, maybe I need to change the values from the controller so the hover is not that tight and also smooth it with another raycast.
I used the following models from the asset store for this demo:
Prototyping Pack (Free) - Digitalkonstrukt
Scifi Scout drone - Dotteam
Omar Rodríguez Pérez
Computer Engineer - Programmer