House Flipper
Updated 2 years ago
In development
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1.7 K
Windows; Mac
The idea behind House Flipper is buying and renovating destroyed houses.
Players have lots of different tools to bring house to the great shape, the game allows us to move objects, destroy and build walls or tile.Initially player doesn't have lots of funds and needs to accept some orders to earn money and buy a house later which will allow him to earn more and more money. The more time player spends on polishing the house, the more money he gets. Additional tips players gets from special appraisers who are interested in buying house. A family wants to have more rooms and a single man prefer more fancy and modern looking house. In the end, player make an auction and appraisers make their offer according to their preferences
Game Languages
English; French; Italian; German; Spanish; Polish; Russian; Chinese, Simplified; Czech; Greek (modern); Japanese; Korean; Romanian; Turkish; Hungarian; Portuguese, Brazil; Chinese, Traditional; Ukrainian
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac
Audrey Haines
4 months ago
So I had bought this game a while ago and was super excited to play it, but no matter how many times I tried to start the game, it would always crash before the game would open. I have tried everything from searching for solutions on the internet, updating the drivers on my computer, and even asking my father if he could help me with my problem, and not even he could figure out the problem. He also told me my computer meets the requirements for the game, and my sister has an identical computer to mine and she managed to get the game to work. What do I do to get the game to work?