Houdini Procedural Island
This is one of my first finished Houdini projects.
I wanted to create an island generated procedurally. First, I made a blockout in Houdini with all the type of assets I needed and their placement in comparision to each others .
Then I began creating the house platform, walls, stairs, and railings and then placed it on the island. I added all kind of details around to give it more life (rocks, palmtrees, plants...).
When the blockout was finished I replaced all the boxes by real 3d assets, exported it in Unity and created various shaders to give it a cartoony look, especially for the water.
I also needed to create in Houdini special meshes for fx : the ones around the poles and island, and the caustics.
I made all the textures in Substance Designer.
Lucie Lescuyer
3D Artist - Artist
2 years ago
I always click when I spot the world "island", especially if it's procedural! :D This is super cool!