Hotel Panopticon
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The hotel panopticon for the neon challenge
The Neon Challenge.
Final video.
Neon 28a, optimisation pass, solved an issue of the cinemachine dolly doing random 360 spin. Intro edited.

WIP. neon 28

WIP neon 26

WIP neon 19
older version WIP neon 17

Story and Inspiration:
Starport alpha 22 in orbit around planet Panoptes C.
Welcome to the Hotel Panopticon 2231 its a a lovely place.
The cat watches the fish in the aquarium much like the imaginary state watches the virtual people.
The viewer is on one level the fish being watched and on another level the cat watching.
The neon challenge video it self. Blade runner. The idea of future cities.
Starship troopers. The Star wars philosophy of putting away the computers. Traveller rpg. Working at disneyland paris. Futurama. Star trek.
Whilst applying for a job at Disney Land Paris in the bitter winter many years ago. Walking miles in Paris and getting on the transit then walking a fair bit to the hotel. I entered the Sequoia lodge to a wall of heat from a blazing fire. The fire was just awesome. There is something magical about Disney’s use of light and heat. I was taken to the less glamorous back stage to the HR department to a wall with a giant Mickey Mouse with huge cheerful eyes staring at me with a grin.
The theme of fire and ice. The ice cold of space the warmth of humanity.
Nature versus technology. Landscapes versus skyscrapers.
Foucaults development of Jeremy Benthams idea of the panopticon.
Panoptes. The giant with 100 eyes.
This depiction is of one possible future as a hyper consumerist surveillance state with strong armed forces (always looking for more cannon fodder).
There is a contrast between a connection with the past in the bar in the scene.
The low tech versus the high tech outside and the bar itself (a central theme to the original star wars films).
Technology as a tool working for and against humanity. The power of lower tech as a way to chill out and warm up.

“The will to mastery becomes all the more urgent the more technology threatens to slip from human control
The threat to man does not come in the first instance from the potentially lethal machines and apparatus of technology.
The actual threat has already affected man in his essence.
The rule of Enframing threatens man with the possibility that it could be denied to him to enter into a more original revealing and hence to experience the call of a more primal truth “
Martin Heidegger
Stills of my created assets.
Amberlight renderings.
Space combat video. Used for a satirical recruitment poster in scene. Had to build a text occlusion shader
My Road generator turns png image into roads.

Major assets used.
Future now by arteria3d
Fixed this asset up and updated it for unity 2017. Added realistic city light textures some from cg some self made.
bar/ hotel lobby!/content/92740
MKGlow has been essential for self illuminating textures to give the illusion of radiosity.

Progress Video
WIP progress 22 dec 2017, neon challenge
Added hi res earth skybox asset.
Updated block textures. Shaders.
Love the tree in a tube from pro tek lab interior.
WIP video procedural generation of cities.
Wrote a 3d generator that will create cities based on a png file. Also used to create roads, lights etc. png fractal image to 3d city added straight road system, beats placing the roads by hand. Allows me to design a modular road section including walkway, lights, road barrier, etc and scale for as large as I want.
All I am really trying to do is create window dressing for the scene in the bar.
Interior design. Space bar in the hotel in the space city.
adding bubbles and potions to drinks, using aquarium and alchemy assets.
Progress Video
Hotel Panopticon. (lots of glass very little privacy) (foucault reference)
Added paintings pillaged from an open source image gallery collection.!?perPage=20&showOnly=openaccess&sortBy=Relevance&sortOrder=asc&offset=0&pageSize=0
First attempt Dope sheet for main drone and camera. Kept the animations very simple as i struggle with animation. Cinemachine added to camera in simple follow mode. Added post processing stack for bloom, added sun shafts.
Shuttles and outside people controlled by walk paths from pop generator.
2nd dope sheet for newer video uses cinemachine a lot more. 3 virtual cameras. First is a still to start with. Second is a dolly. Third is a cat camera to follow a fish.
Cinemeachine post processing was used on the vr still and vr dolly camera. Bloom was especially important.
post processing was used on the main camera as well as sun shafts. I tried to bring the post effects back to minimal to be unobtrusive. PErsonally I liked the glinting almost disco lights on the bar. I

I wish i had time to do some decent animation. Daz 3d had some great static postures and models. Decent human models and animations seem hard to come by.
I have loved doing this project. The choice of subject matter was inspiring.

List of assets used during the project (some did not make it into final draft)
Arteria3d future now city
Modern Hotel and Club Level Interior Blackcube Productions
Pro-TEK Sci-Fi PBR Laboratory Interior with Hologram
Level One Games - 3D Models & Script
Population Engine
MK Glow Free Michael Kremmel
Beacon light VIS Games
Prototyping Pack (Free) DigitalKonstrukt
Skybox Clod
Scrolling textures (road barriers) Area730
Low Poly Street Pack Dynamic Art
White City
Astra Starship Fleet Package  Daniel Kole Productions
Destructor Spaceship Eldanu Games Studio
SpaceFighter Alexandr Voevodov
Space Shuttle Arvis Magone
Light Beams Mario Lelas
ATM CGY (Yemelyan K.)
Star Fighter Zvorygin Alexander
Sky City Lite Red panda
Volumetric Spot Light qq.d.y
Photorealistic lights (IES) Thomas Mountainborn
Urban Props BiSkiT
Unity Particle Pack Unity Technologies
Unity Essentials/Asset Packs
Sci-Fi Scout Drone DotTeam
Free Night Sky qianyuez
Rain Maker - 2D and 3D Rain Particle System for Unity Digital Ruby (Jeff Johnson)
Milky Way Skybox Adam Bielecki
Cyberpunk Street Environment Ansimuz
Star Nest Skybox Ninjapretzel
CloudsToy Julian Oliden
Legacy Cinematic Image Effects Unity Technologies
Unity Essentials/Beta Content
Post Processing Stack Unity Technologies
Unity Essentials
Legacy Image Effects Unity Technologies
Unity Essentials
Large Terrain Generator Gaik Software
Julai Models IL.ranch
Sci-Fi Modular Environment Adamations
Base Helicopter Controller SunCube
Standard Assets Unity Technologies
Realistic Water Fountain Rivermill Studios
Victorian Pie Shop ImpUnity Games
Japanese-Style: Cushion Pack MSTK Studio
Modular Medieval Lanterns Alexandr Voevodov
Butterfly (Animated) INNOWELL GmbH
First person lover - weapons pack ISBIT GAMES
Female Warrior Princess All * Star Characters
Basic Motion 3D-Brothers
Sci-Fi Tablet Computer kawetofe
Moonshine Jugs Daniel Torres
Fantasy SFX for Particle Distort Texture Effect Library Moonflower Carnivore
Low poly combat drone VoodooPlay
Marble and Granite Substances PolyLabs LLC
 Yughues Free Pillars & Columns Nobiax / Yughues
CorcraProps Furniture Lite Corcra Studio
Props for the Classroom Warkarma
Worn Bookshelf Jason Wong
HQ Old Books TotSamiyDanya
Books Pack Vertex Studio
Books VIS Games
GAZ Street Props Helsssoo
Breakfast Free Ioan Stan
Stylized Wooden Barrel Pack The Little Game Factory
Industrial Storage Tanks Duane's Mind
Fantasy Defensive Structures CrazyCool
White Porcelain Dish Set Demo Stefαn
Monster 3 3DMaesen
TE-109 (Soviet Locomotives) IL.ranch
Candle Flames Rivermill Studios
Bubbling Magic Potions Rivermill Studios
Aquarium Enozone
Bretwalda Halloween Bretwalda Games
Yughues Free Concrete Materials Nobiax / Yughues
Set Builder: Hong Kong Sinister
Piano Miroslav Uhlíř
4 Snow Materials [High Quality] [Materials Collection] Danil Piskor
Futuristic Sci-Fi Metal Drinks Pack Mobile Friendly (FREE) Must Dash Productions
Futuristic Sci-Fi Metal Drinks Pack Mobile Friendly - Asian Edition Must Dash Productions
The Simple Fire Engine Mick Boere
Fire Extinguisher RRFreelance
Fire Extinguisher KrazyFX
Campfire Pack Dreamdev Studios
Christmas Gifts Bretwalda Games
Pinwheel Fantasy Effect Free Pack 1 Pinwheel
Wine Liquor Beer and Glassware Soja Exiles
Lamps Pack Nova Shade
Modern Hotel and Club Level Interior Blackcube Productions
SCI-FI Barrels 40 Sample 256px
SCI-Fi Battery Pack Free 256px
Corridor Lighting Example Unity Technologies
Unity Essentials/Sample Projects
 Environmental Race Track Pack SpyBlood Games
Cinemachine Unity Technologies
Sci-Fi monitors JFekb
Sci-fi Communications Center [PBR] Aniow CG
Vast Outer Space Prodigious Creations
Equipment for Industrial or Sci-Fi Building Coostvenay
PA SciFi Warzone Environment Popup Asylum
Sci-Fi Styled Modular Pack karboosx
Sport Car - 3D model Andrej Mikuš
Lowpoly Sci-Fi buildings set karboosx
Ross Carruthers
Mr - Educator