Horror escape: 3D Detective
Published a year ago
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Horror scary 3D game, playing a detective role to escape the mansion, find clues and investigate. Keep the lights on as the time runs out and monsters attack. Your in a role of a detective that is trying to find a lost girl. Explore an old estates front yard, back garden, interior and dungeon in order to figure out the mystery and locate the girl. Collecting clues in order to advance in a scary environment that will make you jump and scream. Are you brave enough to get to the end?
Made with unity, using 3ds Max to create the house, objects and all models in game.
Used coillison triggers for jump scares, sound effects, animation scares etc.
The concept is a story flow adventure, there are things you need to do in order to pass to the next part of the story.
There are 2 main scenes, the Mansion with front, garden and inside as first scene and second is the dungeon which is a labyrint where you have generators to keep the light on or get caught by a monster in the dark.
Game Developer: Programer - Designer
Game Languages
English; English, British; French; German; Hindi; Italian; Turkish; Portuguese, Portugal; Polish; Portuguese, Brazil; Portuguese; Japanese; Chinese, Simplified; Chinese; Chinese, Traditional; Russian; Spanish