Hope Above The Abyss
Updated 2 years ago
Hope Above The Abyss

About the concept

Humanity have been destroying nature and world have been heated up, so the land have been devoured by the sea. before earth been completely flooded by the sea. remaining people manage to salvage land and flew up to the sky. help of the rare minerals that been in depth of earth they manage to make the earth float . because of heat people have exchange their body to an armor for the survival of last human beings left in the earth. Human have to keep going up or they will be flooded by the sea beneath.Day by day they go up away from the sea and towards the heat.

Didn't had time to finish it properly. thanks for the everyone who helped in the unity connect Specially @Mutiny Bros. and @Mark Poeppelmeier
There are more work to do with the lights and skybox.
Used assets so far:
  • Mk glow
  • gem shader 2.0
  • Simple physical shaders
  • Water Fx particals 1.0
  • Yughues free metal materials
  • Third person controller -Basic locomotion Free
  • Cinemachine
  • Timeline
  • Post Processing Stack
  • and more

So far we have been using the free materials packs and free models from asset store. More details will be update soon.

We are using our own concept to build up a futuristic world based on survival from the natural disasters. We are doing this during our free time ,mostly after our major classes. We hope to finish this on time. More details available soon.

Some Core Models

Some of low poly buildings are Made using 3Ds max and also the UV mappings。
Sri Lanka - Student