Hooligans "The Bravest"
I started working in the game as Lead Programmer when the game was in prototype stage and their Lead Programmer had left the company. The engine had been built ignoring Unity Editor's most important capabilities, and was using instantiation from code for each mesh and texture used in the game. At that stage of development, several important points in their planning for the engine where neglected, as drawcalls used and batching , and its corresponding impact on memory and performance. In addition, there were several game design points that were not defined yet. My tasks included helping to define the gameplay, rewrite the whole low-level engine system to be competent in terms of performance and use of resources, and to implement pathfinding and AI and several new features that were required for the objective. Also I managed a team of 4 to 6 people, including two programmers and several artists.
franco antonio scigliano
Senior Video Games Programmer - Programmer
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