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Fantasy Gore inspired sidescrolling 2D platformer
Created by Kasper Fly & Dennis Pedersen
Genre: 2D platformer (Inspired by Super Mario/Legend of Zelda/Monkey Island)


Hi World, we're 2 newly educated web developers ( graduated 16 nov 2018 ), who's decided they'd rather make games!
Kasper Fly is the main programmer and Dennis is the main Graphic designer.
The main focus of our first game will be a trip down memory lane from our childhood back in the late 80's. Back when platform games dominated the industry.
And so it begins...

About Hoodlem:

Hoodlem is a 2D sidescrolling platform game. You pick up weapons to smash your way through monsters and creatures, but beware; getting hit makes you drop your weapon and it's time to Mario-stomp your way through the level until you find another weapon.
You can also gather SKULLINGS. These fine, shiny coins can be used to purchase stuff from THE SNAILSMAN ( Weapons, Power ups, HP and much more )
Each world you enter contains 6 levels, 1 Miniboss level and 1 Boss level. To enter the Boss level in each world you have to collect 6 Boss Key Shards, shattered around each world.
To get more permanent HP you have to find Gold Tooth Parts. Every 4th part gives you +1HP


  • Complete each level on the world map to enter next world
  • Collect all Boss Key Shards to unlock the gate to enter Boss Level
  • Double jump, smash and stomp you way through every level
  • Collect SKULLING to purchase items at THE SNAILSMAN to make your journey easier
  • Collect Gold Tooth Parts for extra permanent HP
  • Find secrets in every level ( Look for THE FOX )

Main character:

His name is Hoodlem, he's a charmer and he's got a jester hat on..... not by choice though!

Player health design:

Your health is shown by a skull which is following you throughout your journey. The color of the flame indicates which shape you're in.


Collect SKULLING to purchase items from THE SNAILSMAN


THE SNAILSMAN is a merchant. You'll find him in different places on every World Map. He's stocked up on Power ups, weapons, Gold teeth and HP.
Snailsman's Items :


THE BOSS KEY is shattered into 6 pieces across every world.. Collect all 6 to unlock the gate that is blocking the entrance into the boss level.
When you find a shard in a level, the piece will be shown on you inventory screen on the right side, in the BOSS KEY BOX

GOLD TOOTH parts can be found in different levels across each world. Collect 4 parts and you will receive +1 permanent HP point.
The gold tooth pieces you find will be shown under you inventory screen in the GOLD TOOTH BOX


In each level it's possible to find Chests. These chests are filled with either SKULLINGS, power ups or weapons. Sometimes there's a little bit of everything.

Enemy designs:

And many many more once you enter the game...



We have choosen to make a Tilemapping system
  • One with a Ground texture
  • One with a Decoration texture (Grass on top of ground, spikes beneeth)
  • One with a Colider structure
  • One with a platform Colider

Make a level and play it

Danish Code IVS