Honey Bear Fun
Published a year ago
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iOS; Android
Fast pace jump and run filled with excitement.
You do not know it yet, but this is what you waited for your whole life: A jump and run game of a honey addicted bear. He is always on the journey through the toughest landscapes, deepest dungeons and highest mountains to experience the extreme. Extreme heat, frosty snow and strong wind can’t stop him.
Find your way through 48 uniquely designed levels. Explore 4 worlds as a cute little bear, who is willing to give everything he got for a dose of delicious honey. You will start in a wonderful grassland and continue in a mountain scenery. You are half way through, when you are in the winter wonderland. The forest will stretch you to the limit of your skills. You have to fight against many different enemies like bees, birds and traps. Collect honey pods to become a super bear that is literally unstoppable. He can smash everything that gets in his way. Stay away from the water, because the bear does not like it and keep on track to find the shortest path through all the levels. The ultimate goal in every level is the golden hive.
As soon as you fought your way through the game, you can try to become the ultimate honey bear fun master. You got the change to be awarded with three stars at the end of each level. Simply collect a honey pod and touch every bee that occurs in the level. You can track your current process at the end of each level.
This game is perfect for boring weekends, endless car rides or any other situation in which you want to have fun. It's a pleasure to help the bear to reach his goals. There is not violence included and therefore also playable by kids.
Daniel Erdmann
CEO - Executive
Game Languages
English; English, British; German; Swiss German; Afrikaans; Chinese, Simplified; Dutch; French; Italian; Portuguese; Polish; Portuguese, Brazil; Portuguese, Portugal; Spanish; Turkish; Russian
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iOS; Android