Homeless - Neon Challenge
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We destroyed our planet. Now we are homeless.
**Feedback is very welcome** Although I am quite busy with two client projects, will try to find some time to participate in this coll challenge. So don't expect very frequent updates ;) My theme: For years we were not listing while our planet was screaming for a change. In the end most of its nature died and the last men fly off to find a new home planet. These people will stay on a giant space ship probably for generations. And it is part of their mission to start living a more respectful life on board. I want to capture this ship and its story in a realtime environment. Concept art: I found this wonderful piece. It is my main inspiration, but I will make some changes to embrace the story behind it.

Update 3: Short session, beautiful planet

So I finally could make some time for this project. Not as much as I would love to, but 2 hours after work: yes! I added the glas windows with the hexagonal shape. The material is meant as a placeholder but I think it is okay for now. I checked out some planets from the Asset Store and grabbed a high res earth texture from there, manipulated the colors and the shader to make the planet more like the concept art. I kept the clouds though (they look awesome on it).

Update 2: Getting main elements, scale and proportion into place

I was able to find a slot of about 3 hours to spend on this project. Most of the time went into reverse engineering the camera to get the proportions right. Then I used my very basic modelling skills to build a rough version of the space ship inside. To make it a little more eye pleasing, I put some textures (actually it's just one texture with different material colors) on the objects. The scene is populated with the free Speedtree trees from the Asset Store. I am quite happy with the result.

Update 1: Scene breakdown / Key Assets

Red: Structures on the ship I plan to make a set of modular pieces to build all the support structures
Pink: Planet More or less a giant sphere with some cool texture. I could use Amplify Shader Editor for creating an atmosphere shader (for the shining around the planet)
Green: Glass I want to create a simple tileable texture with Substance Designer and a shader with refraction, fresnel and maybe some energy glowing effect (as if it is an electric wire)
Yellow: Floor and front part I will have to build a custom model and texturing for this.
Blue: Statue To better fit the story I will change the statue from the original concept. Instead of the lion I will use something to remind people of the earth or why they left it. (to be defined)
Purple: Vegetation Vegetation looks best when downloaded from the asset store (at least for me). So that is what I am going to do.

My motivation:

  1. Try new tools and beta versions Some tools I want to use:
  2. Postprocessing Stack v2
  3. Cinemachine
  4. Timeline
  5. Amplify Shader Editor
  6. ... to be continued
  7. Use new techniques and workflow in a safe environment I want to experiment with untested ideas of working
  8. Be unprofessional In my professional projects I usually do not get the chance to do things like music, drawing, storytelling. I know these are skills on a not professional level. But for this project I will be the music playing concept artist telling all these stories while focusing on all the fun things ;)

Assets used (until now)

  • Free SpeedTrees Package
  • UBER - Standard Shader Ultra
  • SpaceSkies Free
  • Instant Screenshot

Tools/Software used

  • Unity 2017.2
  • Blender
  • Photoshop
  • Pinterest (for research)
Joshua Heindörfer
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2 years ago
It's an art, not a game.
Founder / CEO
Muhammad Hassaani am interested in this project please guide me I think its a game developing work kinda that........... can you tell me on my inbox.... @Joshua Heindörfer
Thanks man, you can simply connect with me here on Unity Connect and send me your question in the chat
Muhammad Hassaan
2 years ago
i am interested in this project please guide me I think its a game developing work kinda that........... can you tell me on my inbox.... @Joshua Heindörfer
Muhammad Hassaan
2 years ago
love this
Founder / CEO
Thank you! You can like the project if you want to support it ;)