Holodance. Music game in VR
Published 2 years ago
Remember Dance Dance Revolution? So, that's it. But in VR and with a twist.
Here is a cool and interesting project for Virtual Reality.
The whole project is on Early Access at Steam Store, and we already have some videos showing how the whole thing works.
Remember Dance Dance Revolution?
Only now with Dragons, Virtual Reality, and using hands and feet to play.
The idea is to get as many Orbs and objects as possible in the rhythm of the song.
See the trailer -
And here we have Jashan Chittesh, the creator of the game, playing with my song Caipirinha (Sheipz Remix), that will be the first song of the first level of the game!
I made more songs and I’m still mixing others for the game.
Another one is Immediate Termination, a very nervous Dubstep that will be Level 10 of the game.
Here you have Jashan again testing the pre-version of the song inside the game:
And here is the full song @ Soundcloud
The game is fully developed in Unity, more news to come soon!
Billy Mello
Sound Design and Music for Games, VR, AR - Designer