From science fiction of yesteryear to today, the crew at Valorem are working on an innovative telepresence technology!
We have produced a holographic streaming technology, which allows the likeness of a person to be captured real-time in HD using a depth camera as 3D volumetric video point cloud data. The point cloud data is then streamed or “beamed” (for you Trekkies out there), across the Internet. The holographic stream is decoded and rendered in real-time 3D providing a shockingly good representation of the sender’s likeness on Mixed Reality devices like HoloLens but also other devices enabled by our cross-platform development approach.
We use a normal internet connection and achieve 3-5 Mbit/sec bitrate that even works below 1 Mbit thanks to our adaptive, customized streaming. It's real-time without delay and even works if the parties are behind strict firewalls so it even works in corporate settings. There's no special connection setup needed and the connection is established via a routing mechanism to connect peer-to-peer for best transfer rates.
You can reach out to us at and become part of a closed beta test of the HoloBeam streaming to test yourself. We are working on an Unity SDK and a standalone app model. If you have a HoloLens you can try out the demo with pre-recorded frames to see the holographic quality with your own eyes:
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It's amazing. like
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