Holo Droid - Android Live Wallpaper
Holo Droid is an app for Android devices. It is a live wallpaper that features Tron-style graphics and displays hardware and software information based on your mobile device. The wallpaper is capable of displaying such info as date and time, platform info, battery, CPU, storage, and network state.

How was it made?

The first version of Holo Droid was made by using an old asset called Uni2LwP (removed), which easily allowed me to convert an Unity project into an Android live wallpaper. The latest version has been updated by using another asset called uLiveWallpaper.

Stories behind the development

Holo Droid has been my really first software I've ever made. I started learning programming by myself in the 2012, studying a bit of Actionscript and Java. In that time I didn't have a Mac so I couldn't make any iOS project. That's why I decided to make a project that was just for a single platform, in particular way, a live wallpaper. At the end of 2013 I discovered Unity, I started learning a bit of C# and got Uni2LwP for my project. So, on February 2014 I started my work on Holo Droid. Since I wasn't an expert developer I had to deal with a lot of new stuff, a bunch of problems I had never seen before. Finally, on September 2014, the project was published!
Sandro Traettino