Holo Defense
Missile Command inspired gameplay with Microsoft hololens.
This project was a Global Game Jam entry for 2017, built at the MIT Game Lab in Cambridge, MA. I worked with 5 other team members to bring this game to life. It only runs on the Holo-Lens, and as it is still in development all I can offer is a link to our team's GGJ page, and our Git Hub repository. My job for this title was programming the gameplay mechanics: Falling asteroids, destructible buildings, the scoring system, black holes that could destroy the asteroids. These elements needed to be able to function independently in the event we were unable to implement some of the more advanced game play mechanics, so I designed the system to use more features than we actually got around to implementing: Variable asteroid speed, multiple waves of asteroids with increasing difficulty, launchers capable of firing different types of payloads, scoring for each building, etc. I also was in charge of implementing the audio in the scene so that it hooked into the Wwise integration our amazing sound designer had developed. GGJ Link: Github:
Paul DiPastina
Designer / Software Developer - Programmer