HMS Astute Submariner Training (declassified version)

HMS Astute, Trafalgar and Vanguard Submariner Training

We created a virtual replica of three Royal Navy submarines in their entirety from 3D CAD data or from photo reference. The virtual vessels were given functionality in Unity so that they became a training tool and then used in the classroom to teach navigation and basic safety procedures. This was done through dynamic and scripted scenarios, challenges (locate nearest X valve or navigate to Y compartment), a ghost mode for system inspection, additional video/text/imagery available through activating hotspots, interactive hatches and machinery.
Tutors were also given a toolset that enabled them to create their own scenarios as well as the ability to observe (over LAN) and interact with a trainees live session, further complicating the scenario with additional fire, blocked doors, malfunctioning equipment and so on.
Daniel Learmonth
Freelance 3D/VR/AR/Vis - Artist