Hitena District
Updated 9 months ago
Bright City; Dark Secrets
In one of the most heavily guarded parts of the city, Hitena District is home to some of the most dangerous people in the country. A hacker infiltrates the area and plans on taking down whoever is behind the corruption...
I started out by framing basic objects so that I can get a feel for the general layout of the environment. I did this early on so that I would feel comfortable working in a single scene without wanting to scrap the layout. It wouldn't be until my fifth iteration of a simple scene that I finally found something I wanted to begin adding assets to.
Other than Cinemachine and Post Processing Stack, I was not totally reliant on the Asset Store. I wanted this to be a project where I would be responsible for as many original assets as possible. The neon signs, buildings, furniture, rain, and ship design are some examples.
Cinemachine --!/content/79898
Post Processing Stack --!/content/83912
Music -- "Memory" - Creo --
This was my first time using both required assets and they will definitely be important for future projects. I'm happy with the way it turned out despite not being able to utilize most of the allotted time due to work and the frenzy of the holidays.

Designer / 3D Environments / Graphic Design - Artist