Highway Stunter
Updated 7 months ago
In development
Highway, Fast Cars, Jumps. What could go wrong?

Highway, Fast Cars, Jumps. What could go wrong?

This is Highway Stunter, a game where you drive a car in a highway, do stunts, drift, customize and tune your car.
This game is all about stunts, you gain coins, diamonds, and experience points by doing stunts.
Experience Points will unlock car parts, money or diamonds will buy them.
Some Special parts will only be available to open by paying with Diamonds only.
Highway Stunter is currently in development.

Different Game Modes will be available!

Endless Mode: where you play in a endless road trip on the highway and make stunts.
CHAOS Mode: Huge storm is on it's way, it's raining badly, Rocks are falling from mountains, Everyone is crazy!
Zombies Mode: They are coming for you! Zombies are everywhere, Driving, Shooting, Running. They have one objective (KILLING YOU)!
Story Mode: will be announced soon.
Multiplayer Mode: Currently in development.


• Wheels
• Car Paint Color
• Suspension Height
• Max Speed
• Spoiler
• Brakes Power
• Bumpers and Side Skirts
Gamer Pirate
Game Languages
English; English, British
Supported Platforms