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Neon Challenge Entry

Final Product

Unity Recorder - 4k


I'm Renardo Robinson and this is my entry for the Neon Challenge. It's an environment based on a one of the concepts Unity provided by Georgi Simeonov below.
It was fun working on this environment because I have never done something like this before. Just kit bashing assets to create something new while following/matching a concept or Idea. I mainly work on hard surface models (Mostly weapons) but creating an environments was something I wanted get into so this is pretty much my start.
For this project I decided that I would only use free assets from the asset store or assets provided by the community in the Unity forums and GitHub. This way its for someone to get hold of these assets and tools and be able to create something beautiful.

Choosing a Concept

This was the concept that drew me in and inspired the rest of the environment. My thought process was "Whats behind the wall?" So I decided to create what I think could be behind the wall.

Work in Progress

Screenshots from various stages of the project


Custom Assets The way I worked on this project was "pretty hacky" because of the amount of time I had to participate. Short on time, I had to skip a few steps that would be required to create assets for a production project.
Things such as
  1. Creating a High and low poly for meshes I had to model - Instead I just created general shapes, bevel edges, and used weighted normals so they have proper smoothing and looked high quality.
  2. Creating UV maps and texturing - For this step I just used a Triplanar shader in engine (By - Keijiro) and two textures from the Substance Source Library.

Unity 2017.3 was essential working this way because of the new addition of 32 bit Mesh Index Buffers. That allowed me to import this scene which is over 400k tris easily in the editor without having to separate it into smaller chunks. That would have been a slow process so yet another thing that helped with my time frame.
Re-purposed Assets A lot of the assets used in this project came from The Blacksmith Project (By - Unity). The assets in the project looked like something that would fit the mood of my scene so I decided to use them in a few way. For this I needed a quick way to export and import meshes so I could edit them in 3ds max and send back to unity and the FBX Exporter was the tool for that. I remembered seeing the tool in the Unite Austin Keynote Unity but it didn't support Max at the time. I went to the forum page to check the progress and saw that they added support for it. That was a major time savor for me Example of an assets I modified Right = Original Left = Modified
Used in the project - Pillars on the left and right
Right = Original Left = Modified
Had to make due with what I had so I get creative.
Mood The look and feel of the scene heavily rely on post processing and camera effects. I really liked Post Processing Stack V1 but I choose to go with V2 for this project because of it's enhancements and Screen Space Reflections (SSR). SSR was key to this scene (Oooh Shiny) to create those shiny reflections along with reflection probes. The Volumetric lights were a must because of the fog in the scene. We aren't allowed to use assets from The Adam Demo in this project so that worried me a bit and I almost changed the mood of the scene. I started searching the forums for a replacement and in no time found one that worked pretty well (Thanks to Michal_ / SlightlyMad) this allowed me to achieve the look I wanted without purchasing an asset which was one of my restrictions I set. The Rain Drop screen effect (By - GLOBE GAMES) was also a must, it adds a lot to the scene. Cinemachine and Timeline
Cinemachine was used to create all the camera motions, and Timeline was used to assemble the whole scene (Particles, Audio, etc). In timeline I separated each task into its won timeline and then combine all the tracks in a master track using Control Tracks.

Assets Used

Below is a list of all the assets used from graphics to editor workflow. All of these assets were essential for this project. Unity Asset Store
  1. Empty at Zero Creator - (To quickly create empty Game Objects for containers)
  2. Raindrop Effect - (Effects on screen)
  3. Unity Particle Pack - (Fire and Rain particles)
  4. Ambient Sample Pack - (Ambient sounds - Rain)
  5. The Blacksmith Environments - (re-purposed assets)
  6. Unity Recorder - (Record Footage in Editor)
  7. Cinemachine - (Camera Work)
  8. Default Playables - (Fade Screens)
  9. FBX Exporter - (Seamlessly Export and Import models)
  1. Postprocessing V2 - (Post Processing)
  2. Volumetric Lighting (Michal_ / SlightlyMad ) - (Volumetrics)
  3. GTeleporter (Keijiro) - (Effect On Reactor)
  4. Standard Triplanar (Keijiro) - (Quick texture mapping)

Renardo Robinson
Hardsuface/Weapons - Artist