Hexal Tactic
Published 2 years ago
In development
Hexal Tactic is a turn-based strategy game that aims to provide RTS-style strategy, while remaining mechanically simple behind the turn-based playstyle.
As I was working by myself on this, I kept the design elements simple in terms of aesthetics. I designed the game around hexagon pieces for the most part in order to make the art side of the game a lot easier to do alone.
There are many elements to the game:
- Path-finding using A*
- Resource management that occurs through capturing and holding the cylinders (called 'Nodes")
- Upgrading of both the node tiers and the unit tiers
- Combat between the units and/or nodes (but not node vs node)
- Higher tier units are more powerful in combat, but require more 'action points' (the resource of the game) to move and attack
I lost a chunk of the game from a hard drive crash... Luckily I had a lot of it on a Git repository.
I also experimented with custom inspectors during this project. I created a custom editor window that allowed me to customize the game board in the scene view. Before this, I would have had to do everything manually in the code. This allows for much more design flexibility in terms of iterating certain game elements.
The UI leaves a lot to be desired, even in the final version I had. Also, the game needed a lot more visual feedback to the combat taking place in the game. Last, the game needed a more interesting map to play on. This was going to be facilitated through the editor tool...
All that being said, Hexal Tactic was a great game for building my development skills.
Benjamin Apprill
Indie dev - Student
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