Hexal Quest
Published 2 years ago
In development
An in-development procedural spaceship exploration game.
Hexal Quest is an in-development hexagon-based procedural spaceship exploration game.
Based on procedural hexagon cells, the player can create a ship hull by placing hexagon cells together, forming the shape of their ship's hull.
Within these cells, an inner hexagon can house a specialization for that particular cell. The player selects the cell they wish to upgrade, and then chooses one of the upgrade options from the UI panel. This determines what that section of the ship will do for the player's ship.
This affects the stats of the ship, and the combination of upgrades chosen by the player will determine the stats of their ship for use within the game space.
Once satisfied with their choices, the player then chooses to launch their ship into space. This generates a 3D procedural mesh based on the 2D layout of the player's ship. As the pictures represent, this system is still in development, but the concept is displayed in the photos. This gives the player a more personal feel in terms of their choice of ship.
There is a lot still in development for this game, and I need to refactor a lot of the code moving forward. It is a project I have passion for, and I cannot wait till I can start making more progress on the game again!
Benjamin Apprill
Indie dev - Student
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