HeroGrinder: Combat Zone (Final)
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We are a game development studio in Budapest, Hungary. We are all dedicated retro cyberpunk and rpg fans. After a decade of involvement in a very different type of gaming industry, and launching several successful brands online, we have decided to create something we are truly passionate about and something that is truly unique. In the axis of all our ideas was a game we named HeroGrinder. A retro futuristic online turn-based multiplayer tactical game that offers numerous meaningful choices to the players.
The Neon Challenge is a perfect opportunity for us to show what we got so far. Hope you people all like it and will stay tuned for more to come.
The Team:
Laszlo Petrovanszki - Conductor of Code
Peter Nadas - Member of W0RM
Gergely Nagy - Virtual Materializer
Nandor Orban, Zaho, Golem - Masters Of Puppets
Luke Viljoen - Future 2D Visionary
Chris Nordgren - Practical Particles
Laszlo Zizics - Mr. Noiz
Gabor Dan - Executive Grey Eminance
Special thanks to Mihaly Kantor and Peter Felvegi, The Weavers of Mythos
Initially we started with 3 separate scenes (street, indoor, parking area) which we opened additively. We quickly blocked out the general shape of the scene, then filled it with assets when we had a basic camera working. Additively opening a "props" scene which contained all assets was a huge help because we just needed to duplicate an item and drag it into the appropriate scene. This was a huge time saver. We also took advantage of layers. All walls and large static elements are on a separate layer which made selecting and editing assets easier.
With Cinemachine we used a dolly cam for the outdoor scene. For the indoor scene we started with multiple cinemachine cameras interpolated on the timeline. This workflow is much faster but the interpolation was harder to control. When we were done with these we switched to dolly again. All cameras were placed on the timeline.
The transition was tricky. We ended up placing big black blocks in the scene, which are visible when baking the lightmap but these are turned on and off in the timeline when the scene changes. We used a lot of emissive materials. These work really well with baked lighting (provided they're static, of course).
Lighting is mainly baked, but we have a few real-time lights as well. The street was easy because there were lots of obvious light sources (signs, objects, etc). For the indoor area, we started with zero ambient light and a few decoration lights. Once we got what we were looking for we added area lights to finalize the scene.
We extensively used the timeline as a basis for our composition: animations, sounds, toggling objects, particle effects and cameras. Character movement was solely animated in the timeline and we blended animations on top of them.
At the end we added some physics to the tables turning over and used Houdini to emulate the door exploding. We also wrote a script for auto-spreading bullet impacts and a script to invisibly blow up objects that fly in every direction.
Post Fx inculded antialiasing, screen space reflection, bloom, color grading, chromatic aberration and grain. We used emission maps on the models to simulate glowing parts.
Sounds are either created by us or public domain free download or purchased for commercial use.
All concept art, models, animations and sounds used in the final video have been created earlier this year as part of the game development process. You can access all of them at our Twitter account at
Here are some which are related to the final project:
We also used the following packages from the Unity Asset Store:
Storm VFX by Mirza Beig
Mech Constructor. Spiders and Tanks by Slava Z.
VHS Pro by Vladimir Storm
Video Glitches by Ibupro Games
We also used Unity's Cinemachine and Post-Processing Stack.
Work In Progress Log #12 - Jan 12: Releasing final project, eating pistacchio tiramisu.
Work In Progress Log #11 - Jan 11: Beware the W0RM! >:)
Work In Progress Log #10 - Jan 10: Adding and fine tuning particles.
Work In Progress Log #9 - Jan 9: Fine tuning animations. ...long story... :)
Work In Progress Log #8 - Jan 5: Adding weapons, decals and starting animations.
Work In Progress Log #7 - Jan 3.: Adding characters and sounds. Working more on lights.
Work In Progress Log #6 - Jan 2.: Perfecting camera and merged all three scenes into a final single since.
Work In Progress Log #5 - Dec 28: Interpolating camera angles and basic movement.
Work In Progress Log #4 - Dec 27: Creating first test lightmaps.
Work In Progress Log #3 - Dec 22: Seting up the parking scene and related blockout objects. Adding Mech. THE MECH!
Work In Progress Log #2 - Dec 20: Seting up the indoor scene and related blockout objects.
Work In Progress Log #1 - Dec 18: Seting up the street scene and related blockout objects. Flying cars, yay!!!
But on a more serious note (switching OOC to IC)...
HeroGrinder Inc. Launches New Reality Arena Show
Sept. 28. 2389, Free City Of New Boston - HeroGrinder Inc., a newly formed subsidiary of New Horizon Media Group premieres the first season of its highly anticipated new reality arena show called HeroGrinder®. The show features teams of bioroids, supplied by MediCore Pharmacuticals, matching their skills in lethal combat arenas under live media coverage.
HeroGrinder® puts the viewer in charge by allowing them to enter solo or teams of bioroids to the show. Successful and popular teams also get money back from the show's complex wagering system.
"You are in full control of these specially grown and trained combat bioroids and use state of the art warfare technology in a wild variety of tactical situations. Anyone can improve their strategy and earn money, while having a bloody good time." - said Jane Allyson, Head of Media Relations for HeroGrinder Inc, London.
"These bioroids represent cutting edge technology and involve some of the latest scientific achievements in bio-development. Our company is committed to deliver fully customizable supplicants through its high standard of gene-editing and molecular augmentation, for which we are world renowned." - stated Harisha Indrani, Head of Research and Development at MediCore Pharmacuticals Europe, Hamburg.
Major third-party suppliers include such well know companies as Yoroi Technologies, ArmaTech Corp., Carlton Applied Cybernetics, MediCore Pharmacuticals and Krass Nanotech GmbH.
About HeroGrinder Inc., - HeroGrinder Inc. (NYSE/LSE/HKSE: HGR) was formed in Q2, 2386 by New Horizon Media Group as a subsidiary for its latest game show project. The company operates the HeroGrinder® arena show and the related betting services, it is an exclusive supplier of arena accessories, and owns all broadcast and contractual rights.
About New Horizon Media Group - New Horizon Media Group (NYSE/LSE/HKSE: NHM) is an all-platform media company with headquarters on all major continents and orbital stations. It airs over ten thousand various channels with different programming, which are available on all moble and neuro-networks in 1673 languages. New Horizon Media Group operates under the license of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Media Regulations.
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