Heroes of Asgard
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Windows; Mac; Linux
Heroes of Asgard is an old-school MMOARPG with new ideas and modern execution, based upon the gameplay of Metin2.

I was the server side programmer and I led the programmers department for Heroes of Asgard, an MMOARPG.

My main duty was to build the scalable server architecture and the networking/communication protocol.
Also, I developed the server side gameplay logic and all backend services required.
I faced a lot of challenges in MMOGs development, such as: efficient objects synchronization over network, area of interest/space partitioning management, network performance monitoring, etc.

Our client was based on Unity3D, so our network protocol has been developed with Unity compatibility in mind. This means that it has to work efficiently, but it has to dispatch each remote action in the main thread.

Another challenge I faced here was the management and synchronization of an entire team of developers: it was the first time for me and it taught me the importance of communication.
Starting from documentation and documents writing to the tasks management: everything was important to handle the team.

I also dealt with company's website and blog development, to allow our writers to work on blog posts and news.
Emanuele Manzione
Gameplay & Network Programmer - Programmer
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English; English, British; Italian
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux
Gameplay & Network Programmer
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