Herdez Soups
Kinect Game Mkt Client: Herdez Agency: Alquimia Tasks: Game design, Programming Technology/Software used: Unity3D, C#, Kinect 2.0 This game was made to be a marketing activation for the brand Herdez and their newest product "canned soups". The game was displayed on a screen within a giant can. When the player achieves a high score, the system would dispense a free can of soup. In this Kinect game, the player is supposed to prepare a soup as accurately and quickly as they can, following the instructions in order, grabbing and dropping ingredients, and mixing them. For this project I handled the game design, the programming, and integration of the art by Eliezer Ojeda.
Julia Abud
Interactive Media & Games Dev. - Programmer
Pascal Achermann
2 years ago
Freelancer - Artist
very nice! Do you think with Leap this would work to?