Her Wish
Horror 3D PC game
Overview This was my first indie project. We created a horror-puzzle game. ✔Inventory system ✔Different interactions and events ✔complex enemy behaviour My Part I took care of the invetory and objects interraction. I created an inventory system for the player so he can pick up objects, scroll through them and use them in appropirate places. The player can open doors, enter texts, pick up objects, use objects, combine them and all actions trigger a message on the screen. Player Experience The school is filled with trigger based events with either parts of the storyline, sounds, jumpscares, enviroment sounds and spawns. This whole system is ment to stimulate the horror part of the game. The teddy The teddybear works with a more complex system. He spawns based on a trigger places in the school at a specific locations with his specific sound. He looks at the player while he performs different action ( wink, clap, sits up) for specific time periods. Than he follows more waypoints and dissaperes on his on trigger.
Oprea Alexandru
Unity programmer c# - Programmer