Published 2 years ago
In development
Linux; Mac; Windows; PlayStation 4; Nintendo Switch; Xbox One
Hellpoint, a dark augurist third-person action RPG for PC and consoles. Embark on journey aboard a derelict space station and figure out the twisted series of events that led to an occult catastrophe.
Hellpoint is a dark sci fi action RPG set in the aftermath of a massive quantic cataclysm. You play as a mysterious ghoulish character whose intentions are entirely determined by your decisions. Everything is designed to give the game character and make its freshness renewable so that a creeping Stockholm syndrome begins to develop with the delphian space station on which the experience is taking place. With a deep, twisted, mind-breaking and multi-layered lore system to sink teeth in, the team at Cradle Games made a smaller but deeper game world that keeps entertained. Add in the dynamic Quantic System based on 21 hours’ orbit cycles, digging deeper into the mystery with each new game pluses and new game endings and you have there the vision for Cradle games: to forge a world that is truly spinning somewhere out there among the stars.
Cradle Games
Game Languages
French; English
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows; PlayStation 4; Nintendo Switch; Xbox One
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