HELLA - Nightdrive


Hella Nightdrive is a mobile app for Android and iOS. It was developed for internationally operating German automotive part supplier Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. It combines a fun little game with informative content to educate about HELLAs products.


  • Make a good looking app that presents HELLAs light products.
  • Combine game and information to give a non technical perspective to the products
  • Have the app extendable for future updates

Production process

We worked in cooperation with "bam! interactive marketing GmbH". They provided customer support and large parts of the project management. Exploration: This project did not have specific details set from the beginning so it was part of our job to come up with a rage of ideas to narrow down what the client needed. These ideas have to be quick and not expensive while still maintaining enough refinement to sell the concept.
Development in Unity: Once we figured out a style and general ideas. We were able to develop the actual application in Unity with a very small team. Some changes to the concept and flow of the app were made during development. And that is totally fine. You have to see certain things in action to really know if they are working or not. We are aware of that and try to get a lot of feedback during the development time instead of having the "big reveal" in the end.
Delivery an updates: Unity made it really simple for us to build iOS and Android App from the same code base. We used Unity Cloud Build to make frequent builds for all platforms and also special builds for getting feedback on a specific feature / component. Since its first release the app was updated several times with bug fixes and also major feature/content extensions.
If you have any questions about this project anything else feel free to contact me!