Heli Havoc 2: Helicopter Heroics
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Linux; Mac; Windows
A jovial helicopter rescue game set in an alternative universe of fractured sky cities and propostrosity!
Heli Havoc 2: Helicopter Heroics is a game about helicoptering, fast-paced unrealistic helicopter control, and ridiculous situations. It's set in a parody of our modern world where the Earth is fractured into many pieces. You must fly around from location to location, floating island to floating island, saving the population from themselves and trying not to cause too much mayhem (unless you want to!)
This game includes a full traffic simulation, just like the first game did. However, in HH2HH, the player can get out of the helicopter and explore on foot, interact with the people of New Skytopia, and encounter various ridiculous situations both in and out of the pilot seat!
Set for release in April 2018 I will keep this page updated with progress along the way :)
Importantly, this game is being produced using MultiGame, a tool that removes a lot of the hassle of game development in general. It allows complex systems like character control, inventory, AI, and even online multiplayer with fully persistent worlds to be realized without programming, and also provides a suite of tools for experienced programmers to build custom game behaviors that are easier to use for the rest of their team. It features over 170 game behaviors, editor functionality, and built-in documentation, and it has been tested thoroughly on multiple projects including commercial games such as Terrium ( for the past six years.

Will Hendrickson
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Linux; Mac; Windows