Height For Asset
Height fog 2.0! Now LWRP supported! (For LWRP version: 4.x.x LWRP package required, Unity 2018 required)
Bug fixes, new property - Fog Emission Color, now you can change fog and object emission separately!
Make your unique atmosphere!
NOTE: Per object shader, not support terrain
  • Perfect for creating a height fog, mist, depth effect
  • High performance
  • Works great even on low-end devices
  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • Global and individual controllers included
  • Supported GPU Instancing and Material Property Blocks
  • Imitate translucency
  • Imitate overheat materials
  • Imitate water depth
  • Imitate subsurface scattering
  • Imitate gradient self-illuminate materials
  • Easy to combine with standard fog
  • VR ready
  • Manual included
  • Post Processing Stack V2 presets included
  • Wax, Ice, Overheat, Water Depth samples included
Sergey Klimenko
Application Developer, Programmer - Programmer