Hegis' Grasp
Hegis' Grasp is a story-driven, atmospheric survival horror game. Play as Henry Wood, a curious journalist investigating rumors of what is happening to the once peaceful village, Hegis. It will be up to you how this story ends but first, you must survive the insanity of the natives within this damned place.
STORY: 1896, Great Britain: Henry Wood, a journalist who had heard rumors of a village, that supposedly has undergone a curse, gets curious enough to check out the place for his latest anticipated newspaper story. Bringing the coachboy, Jacob, and his intern, lieutenant Samuel Miller, on his trip to Hegis in order to uncover the truth. However, he soon finds this to be a mistake and that he has put his companions and himself in grave danger! GAMEPLAY: Hegis' Grasp is a unique story-driven and atmospheric survival-horror game. The mysterious backstory of Hegis' curse will be unravelled through notes from the past, which you find as you make your way through the village and the events you experience throughout the game or through cutscenes. You play as Henry Wood, a curious news writer looking to find out what recently changed in the once peaceful village.It will be up to you to choose how the story ends, but first you must uncover the secret of the curse and fight the insane natives. TOP FEATURES: - Point of View Freedom; Ability to change between the third and the first person perspectives - A Written Story; A readable version of the entire story as a standalone E-Book Cinematic, animated and voice-acted cutscenes - Breath-taking campaign with various scenarios and diverse settings - Multiple Game Modes; Campaign, Survival, Boss Rush - Beautiful graphics and a huge Map to explore; Including dynamic Day and Night Cycle and Weather System! Additional Features: - Unique characters with thrilling backstories - Full Glossary; Information on all Items, Weapons, Enemies, and Bosses - Multiple Endings; Two within the game and the "Real" ending in the written story - Epic and (very) challenging enemies - Pugnacious Boss fights - A variety of different weapons including various historically accurate guns and melee weapons
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