Heaven's Shard
Top-Down RPG in early Pre-Production phase with pending funding.
The company set goal is to launch “Heaven’s Shard” a steampunk singleplayer action role-playing located in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by biblical war between heaven and hell caused primarily by the rise of a Nephilim to heaven. The game will be launched over Steam and GoG for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms as Premium Game with paid Early Access to Beta and Final Product.
Let’s be straight games aren’t made out of thin air so is important to have available funds to make the dream a possibility. Is possible you are reading this pitch because I approached to join me in this crazy little idea and because of that I am and always will be as honest as possible as I can with you all. With no money there is no game, so what is the plan? Right now we have starting working out the core systems, characters, settings and everything related to pre-production and most important we have opportunity to apply for a national fund to create new company - mainly because the fund is targeted to people like me with limit to no experience, good ideas and time in their hands - the fund is open all year with no date limit but is imperative to have enough material - and great material - for a business plan. We are a 3-man team, working for free alongside me, to make this project a reality, but we need you to join us, without a 3D Artist that can handle both creating new models and animation we can't move forward. What can I offer to you? Once again I need to be completely honest with you, I can’t and won’t be able to pay you for your work until I get the funds and the funds might take up to a max 6 months after the approval and contract signing. This project is a huge risk for me in terms of debt and future but Î want to take the risk and follow my dreams. We are very close to have everything filled for the Business Plan for the fund. Still I don’t like nor feel like people should be working for free, I have done it before, it sucks big time. I know that I am a bit hypocrite by being the less skilled person in the team and not paying up-front but believe me that this won’t be a job for me it will be my life on the line, my future and my dream. With that in mind I want to give as much security as I can Here is what I can offer: Written Agreement stating I will give, post-funding: A fixed fee/rate hourly or a fixed amount for the total of the work or % of the profits with a limit, If funding is accept you can use the assets to showcase as part of the portfolio, If the funding is not accepted you will own the assets you created for you own use. The written agreement is something I want to discuss in deep with you, so take the above as an example more than what I can and will offer. I am more than willing to negotiate the terms.
Carlos Miguel Rodrigues Gonçalves
Producer, Manager and Writer - Executive
Paulius Uza
Indie Game Developer - Artist
Concept Artist