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Linux; Mac; Windows
An optimistic strategy game about travelling, freedom and changing the world!
You are a freelance adventurer who wants to experience everything planet Heart has to offer, regardless of the inherited privileges determined by the country of your birth. Visit every country, find the secrets of every landmark and pay close attention to the stories you blog about and your followers.


  • *26 rich, vibrant countries to discover, each with its unique history, government and take on openness and freedom
  • 130 iconic landmarks to explore, allowing you to discover exotic off the beaten path destinations no other adventurers know about
  • Exciting encounters rich in story, culture and daring adventures that can offer you unique glimpses into local culture and life
  • Challenging, but rewarding management of your travels, visas, processing times, validity and unit costs – tailor the most effective adventure!
  • Multiple rewarding ways to navigate through a fictive, yet surprisingly familiar travelers life
Heart. Papers. Border. features hand crafted vibrant retro futuristic art and content inspired by space exploration, the recent discovery of Proxima B and NASA’s inspiring Visions of The Future posters, that you can download for free here.
Heart. Papers. Border. is available in Steam Early Access for PC (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and ti will be available in the future for iOS, Android in as many languages as we can possibly secure.
Jovian Industries
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Linux; Mac; Windows