Heart. Papers. Border.
An optimistic, death-free strategy game about nationality, identity and freedom. Inspired by Retro Futurism, the immigration crisis and real life adventures told by long term travellers, Heart. Papers. Border. is a metaphor that allows you to discover the secrets of an exotic, yet surprisingly familiar planet situated in the Alpha Centauri trinary star system. * Explore an alien, yet surprisingly familiar planet that MIGHT have been colonised by humans a long, long time ago * Visit impressive touristic monuments, natural or man made, get a glimpse of the surprising culture that built them and capture memories * Challenge your birth right and find ways to explore the entire world, regardless of your privileges (or lack of them) * Balance business with pleasure, keep an eye on your UNITS and make sure your VISAS don’t expire * Think about the world you want to live in! Your adventures matter more than you think * Take the ultimate trip at 150 years old knowing that you lived a meaningful life
Laura Bularca