Health Heroes
Health Heroes" Application is aiming to spread health awareness among young generation about healthy life style, healthy eating physical activity, hygiene and effect of smoking. It helps the development of student’s skills and enriching their health & prevention knowledge using interesting approach in education, such as the quest to win, competition, challenge, curiosity, imagination, visualization and other elements of attraction, thrill and excitement. These games contribute to the improvement of children’s health behaviors by introducing healthy information in an interesting way, such as: motivate them to do some physical activity, how to choose healthy foods through going for healthy Shopping, provide healthy choices of foods that kids like, and how to wash hands to avoid diseases and sickness.. The Application has two main characters symbolize health “Manea & Salamah"; Children can choose the character they would like to play with during the games. Those characters were inspired by the heritage of United Arab Emirates.
Ziad Antar
Game Developer/Designer - Programmer
firat kacmaz
2 years ago
Lead AR developer
What is the augmented reality aspect of this project?