Published a year ago
Windows; Mac; Android; iOS; WebGL
Headcaster is a next-generation messaging app for iOS and Android, allowing you to deliver animated, lip-synced messages via a variety of characters – ranging from cute kittens, through to the zombied reincarnation of Margaret Thatcher. Celebrities use the app too – notably Stephen Fry and Rio Ferdinand – to deliver podcasts via custom made caricatures of themselves.

We also developed a desktop version for broadcast purposes, for a series of short satirical pieces for BT Sport. This allowed for camera movements, green backgrounds and multiple characters.

We developed this over 18 months, with a team of six coders and 4 artists. Challenges included building a lip sync system which worked across all languages, and building a server architecture able to withstand spikes in traffic from Rio tweeting a headcast to his 7 million followers.
Mark Ripley
Founder / CEO - Executive
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Android; iOS; WebGL