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Inspired by the Myth games by Bungie
Light & Movement Test Combat Test
My inspiration for this project is Myth the Fallen Lords from Bungie. I'm using A Terrible Kingdom as a starting point for this project, it has some basic RTS systems that can be expanded upon pretty easily; the Cinemachine based RTS camera is what lead me to the project. The project was built with the use of Timeline as a focus, and you can find the presentation on it here if you're interested. This was all put together by Ciro Continisio.
The first change I made was to add rotation control to the camera, fortunately the project was set up with this in mind and required minimal modification. I added a float to store the rotation axis value and then applied it to the GameplayDummy object's transform rotation. I had to modify the movement to work in local space, rather than world, to make the camera move in the direction it is rotated. Next I imported the standard character controller modified the RTS AI to work with it, rather than set the agent destination directly. Idle and attack animations were downloaded from Mixamo, and added to the animator controller in a new layer with an upper body avatar mask. I then replaced the Ethan character with a rigged knight model I found on Turbosquid. I repeated this process with the mutant character model from Mixamo for the enemies.
By default the enemies would pursue one another without regard to the threat posed by other enemies, so I made a change to update the target to the nearest hostile when chasing.
The art assets come from Book of the Dead and Astrofish Game's DETAILED - Medieval Village: Demo pack. The swords can be found here and the shield here.
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