HDRP FPS Demo Game
This project was built using the Unity FPS Microgame, the Finward Studios Modular City Alley Pack, animations from the Pro Rifle Pack from Mixamo, weapons from Simon Mercuzot, and the new version of the Standard Character Controller.
Upgrading the FPS game template and character controller to HDRP was fairly easy but time consuming, with the major challenge coming from the particle materials in the template game; HDRP does not provide an automated upgrade script like it does for the standard shader materials, so it required manually changing around 15 materials to the HDRP particle shader.
Adapting the robot enemies to work with the humanoid character was fairly straightforward and only required adding the robot components to the MaleNavMeshAgentAI prefab, as well as removing the click to move component.
The Mixamo animations needed to be updated to work with the character controller animator, but this was also a fairly straightforward process.
Plenty of work remains to be done, I intend to bring in my extended version of the PluggableAI system from another project to make the enemy behavior more extensible. I'm going to replace the enemy and weapon models with something more interesting as well.
Ryan Warner
Programmer - Programmer