Hazard Ridge
Published a year ago
Unity Web Player; WebGL
The goal of Hazard Ridge is to bridge a gap between education and entertainment and to create a serious gaming solution to a real world problem.
Hazard Ridge is an attempt to use serious gaming to help combat the rise in farm related accidents occuring with teens in Kentucky. The game was created in partnership with the University of Kentucky School of Public Safety, the Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention (SCAHIP) and the games company Super Soul. The game was made using the study on the Economics of Prevention.
Hazard Ridge has been a test case for using educational simulations and serious gaming in the classroom to teach safety concepts. As cataloged in the paper "Hazard Ridge: A Serious Gaming Intervention for Preventing Injury to Rural Farm Youth” by Joan M. Mazur Ph.D. around 23,100 children and adolescents are injured on farms each year, with around 5,800 due to farm work. Pre-post testing showed significant improvement in knownledge of the economics of farm safety, and serious gaming solutions have proven more compelling for students than previously used simulations and cost tools.
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Unity Web Player; WebGL