Hawaiian Virtual Reality
Projects has born to be a design tool for Optimares, italian company building aircraft seats/cabin, and, italian design company. This VR solution has been used to better understand and design volumes, spaces and seat ergonomy;later seat became real, winning Red Dot Awards as the most innovative aircraft cabin, the Hawaiian Airlines First Class cabin, it became a showcase tool. Hawaiian VR features external/internal lighting real time GI, realtime lights and emissive modules ,tablet remote control, collaborative environment over the web , georeferenced map, interactive sight menu, audio/video content...and some more, plus it runs smoothly in VR at 90FPS on a laptop ( ok, a good one), perfect tool for every showcase, presentation and design phase as well. Project was delivered first time in October 2015 in Honolulu, used later for further showcase in New York, Amburg, Rome, Dubai and minor locations.
Mirko Arcese
New Media Designer/Developer - Owner