Haunted Samurai Character in Unity HDRP
Original character, from concept to model, to final rig and animation. Fully rendered in Unity with HDRP, VFX Graph, and Shader Graph elements. Direct render from Unity with no additional post effects.
Zbrush: Sculpt using zspheres, dynamesh, Zmodeler, and custom IMM
Maya: Retopology, UV Layouts, Rig, Animation
Substance Painter: Baking normals, smart materials, hand painting
Substance Designer: Custom graph for ground material, Substance in Unity plugin for adjustments live
Unity: HDRP for lighting, HDRI for reflections, post-processing stack, VFX Graph for spirit particles, Shader Graph for spirit material with fresnel, vertex displacement, animated alpha. Timeline and Cinemachine for animating the camera.
Josh Swanson
3D Generalist / Game Designer - Artist